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Silk Dupatta

Silk Dupatta is a popular choice for any Indian wedding or function. These vibrant dot designs, often known as Bandhej art, represent the folk flare of artists making their way from rural markets to the runways of fashion weeks. They are very much loved by females.


Single Ikat Patola Saree

Single Ikat Patola Saree is fashionable and creatively crafted by our trained artisans. It is created with various ages and events in mind. This is classic, yet it is also young. The graceful traditional pattern on it brings out the beauty of this lovely saree. This is stylish and classic.


Semi Patola Saree

Semi Patola Saree is designed with beautiful colors, and patterns. This magnificent work of art features floral and geometrical themes all over the silk fabric. The border is a contrasting colour with beautiful zari designs. Because this is an entirely hand-woven fabric, any imperfections in the weaving should not be considered defects.


Double Ikat Patola Saree

Double Ikat Patola Saree is very much liked and widely used by ladies for wearing on different occasions. This method is that the handloom is used at an angle, with two persons working on the same piece at the same time. It is hardly surprising that the saree takes about a year to finish.

Patola Saree

Patola Saree is woven with elegance and features a complicated weaving method, making them significantly more costly. This saree employs the vertical resist dyeing process, which includes single ikat and Patan. Women can wear these sarees composed of natural hues.


Double Akkat Patola Saree

Double Akkat Patola Saree is a beautiful piece that is worn by ladies at various events. Double ikat refers to the practice of dying the warp and weft before weaving. This tying process is repeated for each colour that will be used in the completed textile.


Banarasi Jorzzatt Sarees

Banarasi Jorzzatt Sarees act as the national clothing of Indian ladies and plays an essential role in their lives. Because of its beauty and sophistication, most ladies wear the saree to any event. Many elaborate and sophisticated motifs are weaved into the six yards of this ethnic garment, making it gorgeous.